The resident photographer of the camera-like house also put the names of the children on the cameras

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Ravi Hongal, 49, has turned his click-like house into an old camera and put his sons' names on the cameras. Photo: File

Maharashtra: An expert photographer living in India is obsessed with photography. He has built a three-story house just like a camera and has named his three sons after the famous camera brands Canon, Nikon and Epson.

Ravi Hongal, a resident of Belgaum, Maharashtra, is a well-known photographer. To show his passion for photography to the world, he first built his expensive three-storey house in the style of an old camera at a huge cost. The windows of this house are shaped like lenses. The front has a flash and an SD card-like construction. There is also a beautiful film roll design on the front of the house. The word ‘click’ is engraved in English just above the house.

Ravi has named his studio after his wife, Rani. Since then, he has also named his three sons after famous camera brands. People passing by the road stop to look at their house, which is a charming brown house and looks exactly like an old camera. An expert engineer has played a key role in its design.

But keep in mind that the interior of the house is just like the camera and the camera parts have been included in the construction here and there.

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