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Review: The Irrational Man


The Irrational Man is Woody Allen’s latest movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone. Phoenix plays a tormented philosophy professor called Abe who moves to Newport to teach and befriends a student Jill (Stone) and fellow lecturer Rita (Parker Posey).

Abe is disappointed with life and fairly miserable in his existence, despite having two women chasing him and totally enamoured by him. That is until he decides to murder a judge in order to help a mother of two. Suddenly his life gains purpose and he starts to live again, having an affair with Rita and Jill in turn.

The Irrational Man disappointed me as Jill, despite being an intelligent girl, becomes just another flimsy man-obsessed character, which gets to be extremely tiring after about ten minutes. While Phoenix is the best part of the whole film as both a depressed, then animated professor, the ongoing pretentious dialogue throughout the movie got old fast and seems to be there just to prove how ‘clever’ Woody Allen, writer and director is.

The Irrational Man is out now in cinemas nationwide.

2 stars