The iPhone SE 2 and the new iPad Pro will not arrive in March, when?

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The iPhone SE 2 and the new iPad Pro will not arrive in March, when?

Just a few days ago we told you that Apple’s plans happened because on March 31 a keynote at the famous Steve Jobs theater from Cupertino, in California, to present their new iPad Pro for this year and also the iPhone SE 2, the second generation of their smartphone cheaper.

As well, as reported some media in the last hours, all those plans have been ruined and from Apple they advocate not holding any event on those dates. Something that we can all imagine is due to the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, since Americans would have to run the risk of concentrating more than 900 people in a closed room.

Apple’s concern

One of the sources that publish the information openly talks about those of Tim Cook have been concerned about the responsibility of spreading the infection in their act, especially after there was a decision made by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, which has given the order to suspend, between March 11 and April 1, the meetings of more than a thousand people in closed areas.

It is obvious that this order by the authorities may have weighed when making the determination to cancel that keynote, although nor can we forget that there are problems and delays in the Chinese production chains of Apple that are affecting those two specific products: both the new iPad Pro and the iPhone SE 2.

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IPhone SE 2 concept design.

Be that as it may, the question that exists now is whether Apple will carry out this keyonte at another time, when the coronavirus crisis ends, or if you prefer to cancel it permanently but keep the planned dates for the sale of these new devices. Both the iPhone SE 2 and the 2020 iPad Pro would arrive directly at the company’s physical and online stores without waiting for a launch event.

Anyway, knowing the background social Apple and the policy it has shown in other previous humanitarian emergencies, the most logical thing would be to think that both the event and the sale date of everything it presents will take place later, when the threat of the virus has come down and a meeting at the Steve Jobs theater is absolutely certain.

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