The ‘intelligent box ‘ for human beings in which four people can live

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Cube Two, the company that built the house, says it could be called a small spacecraft. (Photos courtesy: Nestron Singapore)

Singapore: With the growing human population on Earth, the space for housing is also becoming less and less, but a Singapore-based company, Nestron, has come up with a solution to this problem in the form of a short house called Cube Two. The area is only 24.4 square meters and can comfortably accommodate three to four people.

It is so small that it would be more appropriate to call it a ‘modern and intelligent dormitory’ for human habitation as it uses artificial intelligence to make the most of the space and make it more convenient for the occupants. ۔

Nestron says that Cube Two is so modern that it can be described as a small spacecraft on Earth. However, its price is also very high, which is equivalent to 52 thousand dollars, including the basic ingredients, about 87 million Pakistani rupees. But if the cost of house delivery (shipping) and other accessories are included, it will be more than one crore Pakistani rupees.

The company claims that despite being so short, it not only has all the necessities of life available but thanks to its excellent insulation, it protects its occupants from all kinds of harsh weather, from extreme cold to extreme heat.

Paying special attention to design, it has improved space usage by up to 15% compared to traditional houses, ie more space has been provided in less space.

Each Cube Two system is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and is integrated with all other systems in the house.

Interestingly, each of these systems continues the process of “learning” keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of its occupants and constantly improving its performance.

Thanks to the special windows, it does not need artificial light during the day, while due to its effective insulation, it uses very little electricity in any weather.

Attached bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms are also expertly accommodated in a very small space.

Most of Cube Two’s furniture, including candles, tables and chairs, is included in its base price. However, if anyone wants to add additional equipment, it will be priced separately.

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