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The Geek Mart


The Geek Mart is a monthly event which takes place in Central Hotel in Temple Bar. Accessible via Dame Street, it takes place on the second floor of the hotel and can be entered free of charge.

It is a market specialising in nerd culture and has stalls set up, which sell all sorts of merchandise. Some things which can be purchased include bead art, comic books, artwork, figures, knitting, manga, anime, and cosplay materials. They also hold specialised events from time to time; one of which they did last year for the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon.



I went in last month and found the selection to be very good overall. While there, I saw various boxes filled with back issues of comics, lego figures, Pokemon sketches, knitted hats and scarves, Blu Rays, Ouija Boards, painted mugs and glasses, badges, custom figures and many more. I found the people running the stalls to be friendly and approachable, and it is obvious that they are very knowledgable about the culture as one of them commented on the Doom shirt that I was wearing. I also thought that the prices that they charged were very fair with many things costing less than on comparable websites. After looking around for a bit, I bought myself a mug with three Pokemon – Pichu, Pikachu, and Mimikyu – on it. This cost me €9 but it is high quality and machine washable.

I had a lot of fun at the event and had a great time browsing through the wares. It is well worth checking out if you are into geek culture, or just looking for something to do in the city centre. The next Mart is due to take place on Saturday, the 6th of June. It is an event celebrating the 1st Birthday of the Mart so it should be a memorable one.