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The Galaxy Z Flip will split screen at 90 degrees for some apps


First it was dubbed the Galaxy Fold 2, then the Galaxy Bloom, and finally the Galaxy Z Flip. Whatever Samsung is going to call its second foldable smartphone there aren’t many things left to find out it after the deluge of leaks.

The latest (from serial Samsung leaker Max Weinbach) claims the Z Flip will intelligently change some apps to use just the top half of the display in order to use the folded unit as a kickstand for things like video calling or using the camera.

The phone will have a flip phone design compared to the book-like mechanism of the Galaxy Fold and is said to lock at both 90 and 180 degree angles If rumours are to be believed, the Z Flip will cost around $1,000 (half as much as the Fold) and will prove stiff competition for the nostalgic $1,500 Motorola Razr reboot.

If this folding function is accurate then the Z Flip will have a genuine use case while partially folded. The Galaxy Fold doesn’t have a feature that utilises the crease in the display, partly because of its odd square form factor.

Samsung is due to unveil the Z Flip on stage at its Unpacked event in San Francisco on 11 February where the company will also reveal the Galaxy S20 series.