The famous SpaceX mission that had to go down in history .. postponed due to bad weather

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The famous SpaceX mission that had to go down in history .. postponed due to bad weather

The launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon -when there was very little at the start- due to bad weather conditions. The launch, however, has not been permanently canceled but only postponed.

The long-awaited launch of the Crew Dragon was finally canceled after an unnecessary improvement in weather conditions was expected. The mission was to send two astronauts into orbit, Robert Behnken is Douglas Hurley and, remember, it was funded by Eon Musk's SpaceX. The launch had been scheduled for 4.33 in the afternoon, Florida time, 22.33 Italian time, but was postponed to 30 May. The mission, remember, would send the two astronauts to the Orbiting Space Station. Unfortunately, however, the bad weather conditions that occurred at the Launch Complex 39 ° at the Kennedy Space Center of NASA, in Florida, where the rocket was supposed to have started, forced the experts to postpone the departure.

Since the mission has been postponed, SpaceX will first remove all the repellent from the carrier Falcon 9 and, at the end of the operation, the astronauts will safely exit the small spacecraft called Crew Dragon to return to the crew quarters. The mission was also important for another reason: since 2011, in fact, no astronaut has left the American soil to reach space. In short, nothing done for the moment but, apparently, it is only a postponement and the 30 May we will be able, once again, to point our noses upwards to return to observe, with trepidation, the launch of the SpaceX rocket, hoping that, this time, the weather conditions will be more forgiving and allow the brave astronauts and engineers, astronomers, scientists and all those who worked on the project to see their work done and finally send the two men into space.

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