The disappeared icon of the WhatsApp camera returns, what has happened?

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Brian Adam
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As you will remember, during confinement video call applications triggered their use and, therefore, there was fierce competition throughout the market for who offered more. WhatsApp first rose from the four to the eight participants but when that became clear that it was still insufficient, from Facebook they resorted to a little trick: insert a link to the Messenger rooms to reach a figure of up to 50 participants.

So that link was quickly entered in the WhatsApp menu, both iOS and Android, with a drawback in the case of Google’s OS: that to put it, they had to remove the icon that served as a shortcut to send a photo made with the camera. This caused many users, accustomed to tapping on that menu item, to end up opening video call conversations with rooms inadvertently.

WhatsApp will solve the problem

Thus, it was expected that users would request in every possible way that this camera button returns to its place as soon as possible within the version of WhatsApp for Android: firstly because it removes functionality that is crucial (although already there is a shortcut outside that menu) and, secondly because it deceives and it seems that they force us to use those Messenger rooms almost by obligation.

Current menu without camera icon (i) and with it in beta (d).

The point is that WhatsApp has taken notice and finally it will return the camera button as you can see in the screenshot that you have just above, to the right, where they have put it back in its place degrading the icon of the rooms to the last position. This image is taken from one of the latest beta versions that are sure to hit all Android phones in the coming weeks.

Remember that From the WABetaInfo page they had created surveys on the usefulness of this access to the rooms Messenger within WhatsApp and the results were overwhelming, with more than 80% claiming that they were absolutely useless. From Facebook, they should have been aware because the change will be imminent and without any hint of wanting to fight against what users have expressed through all kinds of media and social networks. And you, does that direct access to Messenger rooms bother you or do you think that nothing happens because they leave it on your site?

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