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The Danish Girl – Film Review


The trailer alone certainly won’t wow you enough to want to see this film but Eddie Redmayne casting as Lili Elbe may be what does.

From the very start of this film you are given a background into the loving life of newlyweds Gerda and Einar Wegener who are both artists. It doesn’t take long for you to be taken from that world into another almost overnight.

Gerda paints still life and when stuck for someone to model shoes she enlists her husband who rather enjoys the role of dressing up as a woman, it is from here he adopts the name Lillie.

The couple experience a difficult few months with Einar preferring to dress and act as Lillie in public and also at home. Gerda acceptance of Lillie is tough but she finds a way to deal with it, that is until she sees her husband kiss another man.

This is a beautiful story of love, a love that isn’t conventional. Einar loves his wife for allowing him be who he really wants to be and in time she is the one holding his hand as he prepares to undergo one of the first sex-change operations.

Without the support of his wife Gerda, Einar looks destined to end up locked away in a mental institution, but her love and determination prove that love really does have no bounds.

This film will be an eye opener to those unfamiliar with the transgender community. Einar’s decision to be Lillie isn’t a life choice but who he is born to be. The ending scene will not see a dry eye in the house.

The acting is superb, Eddie Redmayne shouldn’t be surprised to see his name listed for awards in the coming months. His portal of both Einar and Lillie was outstanding.

The Danish Girl is one of the best films I have seen in 2015 and I have given it a five stars.