Home Game The 14 games we are very excited to see more of at E3

The 14 games we are very excited to see more of at E3

The 14 games we are very excited to see more of at E3

The biggest video games show of the year is upon us – E3 gets under way officially on Tuesday, but the pre-show press conferences begin on Sunday night.

Electronic Arts is up first, and some of its franchises are among the games we are the most excited about seeing more of over the course of the convention in Los Angeles. From shooters to sports and remakes, there are some huge games to be seen – here are the ones we are particularly interested in.

1. Gears of War 4

The Xbox exclusive has always been very popular and so news of a fourth instalment has naturally brought a lot of excitement. A shift in setting in that it appears to focus on Marcus Fenix’s son adds a new dynamic to the storytelling.

Microsoft needs to build a strong portfolio of games over the next year and it feels as though Gears will be at the centre of that, so we’re expecting big things.

2. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The series that started the trend of blurring the line between gaming and cinematic home entertainment is of course back again this year. The big headline about Infinite Warfare is the slightly mad idea that the game has jumped into space fully for the first time. And not just the ISS or the Moon, artwork appears to suggest deep space combat on planets further out in our solar system, so full sci-fi Call of Duty is the order of the day in 2016.

What is getting a lot of fans excited though is the news that a remastered version of the game that propelled COD into the mainstream – Modern Warfare – is on the way alongside Infinite Warfare. We can’t imagine Activision would miss the chance to show some remastered footage from the infamous ‘All Ghillied Up’ mission on the big screen at one of the press conferences.

3. Mass Effect: Andromeda

What we have seen so far suggests this is a game that will be filled with sweeping panoramas of glorious and exotic worlds. The fact that it’s part of a much-loved series that tends to tell very good stories means that surely Andromeda is going to be great? We’re looking forward to finding out.

4. Final Fantasy 7 remake

Drawing a wild reaction when it was first announced, this is the first E3 since we heard that an FF VII remake was to become a reality, so the expectation is we should find out a lot more about what it will look and play like.

5. Battlefield 1

While Call of Duty is barrelling full speed ahead into the future of war, rival Battlefield has decided to go back to the origin of war in the modern age – World War One. As the teaser trailer suggests, you don’t necessarily need the outer reaches of space to create a war game of epic scale. This looks fascinating, and we can’t wait to get a closer look.

6. FIFA 17

The go to time-killer of most casual gamers out there, FIFA 17 looks like it’s going to be all about the details. The reveal trailer suggest greater focus on the small details, better likeness and EA Sports making a conscious effort to move the series forward.

7. Mafia III

This game looks big, beautiful and dark all in equal measure and for that reason alone we are extremely keen to see and find out more.

8. Final Fantasy XV

Next gen Final Fantasy looks glorious doesn’t it?

9. Horizon: Zero Dawn

This was one of the surprise packages from last year’s E3. Now, with 12 months of build up behind it some more insight into the post-apocalyptic frontier world of Horizon, and those steam punk beasts that fill it.

10. Watch Dogs 2

The game that feels a little close to home when it comes to technology, surveillance and cyber security is back and judging by the the promo trailer we’ve seen so far it’s on a much bigger scale this time. The first Watch Dogs was great fun to play, so we have high hopes again this time.

11. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This is another big name franchise making a return after a few quiet years, for the first time on this generation of consoles. That is more than enough for some.

12. For Honor

Wonderfully brutal in its setting and subjects (which includes the Vikings), For Honor has the potential to be Ubisoft’s next big franchise.

13. Gran Turismo Sport

You can stop drooling now. Yes, Gran Turismo Sport does really look that good, and the level of editing ability and online play also appears to be second-to-none. Not that we would expect any less from GT.

14. Ghost Recon Wildlands

All the coop fun of Ghost Recon, but in an open world. The Division whet the appetite for such an idea and Wildlands looks as though it could take this idea and make it brilliant. Could be a huge game for the coming year.