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Teen Found Guilty in Jobstown Water Protest Case


A student has been found guilty of the false imprisonment of Joan Burton during an anti-water charge demo in Jobstown.

The boy, who pleaded not guilty, was 15 at the time of the protest and can’t be named because of his age. It was the Prosecution’s case that the then Tánaiste Joan Burton and her advisor were trapped in two garda cars surrounded by protestors for around three hours during an anti-water charge demo in Jobstown in November 2014.

Supporters of the now 17 year old teenager have been showing solidarity with the young man and his family outside the Children’s Court today before, during and after he was found guilty of false imprisonment.

They now planning a protest against the conviction which is believed to take place form 1pm tomorrow at the Central Bank.

The trade union Unite has issued a statement to express its solidarity with the teen. With Regional secretary Jimmy Kelly saying;

“If participation in the Jobstown protest is found to have constituted ‘false imprisonment’, this could effectively criminalise democratic protest, and that would have very serious implications for our democracy”