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TDs and Senators to make up committee dealing with future of water charges


The Government has proposed a committee of 20 TDs and Senators to examine the expert commission report on the future of water charges.

The newly established committee will have three months to debate the report, which is expected at the end of this month.

Housing Minister Simon Coveney’s proposal to the business committee of the Dáil suggests the committee consists of five government TDs, four from Fianna Fáil, two from Sinn Féin and one each from the other groupings, along with four senators.

However the actual establishment of the committee still has to be sorted out as Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are in disagreement over who should chair the group.

Four Senators will be included with one Fine Gael Senator and one Fianna Fáil Senator and two others to be chosen by the Upper House.

Mr Coveney said he wants the committee to represent all the different voices from across the political spectrum.

He said:

“We are trying to build consensus on this difficult issue and I want everyone who wants to be involved to be involved.
“We want the committee to be established in advance of the expert commission’s recommendations.”