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Taylor Swift is all of us at the gym in the new Apple Music advert

It’s not every day we find ourselves able to relate to Taylor Swift but after the release of Apple Music’s new advert we’re beginning to believe we could be a little more like her than we thought.

The singer revealed the campaign on her Twitter account which sees her hopping on to a treadmill before scrolling through her iPhone for a suitable playlist to work out to.

Having settled on #GYMFLOW (we’ve already made a mental note to create our own music selection of the same name), rappers Drake and Future’s song Jumpman begins to blast into Taylor’s headphones.

In a totally Taylor manner, she starts to rap her heart out to the song – pretty impressively, we must add – but the performance doesn’t last long as all the fist-pumping and gesticulation proves too much and Taylor falls head over heels and tumbles onto the floor.

Don’t worry, Taylor, we’ve all been there.