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Tallaght Toddler’s First Steps on Career Ladder

Just one month after starting a parenting blog aimed at spending more time with his family, Tallaght dad Gavin Leonard and his daughter Jade have notched up more than 3,000 followers on social media.

The dad-of-one told InTallaght that ‘Not Just A Princess’ is more than a blog that he writes for fun, it is the perfect way to show his young daughter that she can achieve whatever she wants once she sets her mind to it.

Gavin said: “After Jade was born I started paying much more attention to children’s books and toys and found myself frustrated by how girls were portrayed – usually as a princess or damsel in distress. I wanted to make sure that my little girl grows up knowing that she has the world at her feet.”

“I started thinking about possible careers and what she might grow up to be and just decided to have a little fun with it. So far she has been a zookeeper, a dentist and on a recent trip to the UK we dressed her as a pilot and she caused quite a stir!”

Jade and Gavin in matching Zookeeper outfits
Dr Jade visits 3Dental

Gavin and his wife Shannon met in China where they lived and worked for many years before returning to Ireland to start a family.

The Tallaght native revealed that there are lots of cultural differences between Ireland and China which gives him lots to write about in his blog but his main priority is to document his family life as a virtual baby book for his 1-year-old daughter.

He said: “My hope is that when she is older she can look back on some of the fantastic memories we have made – and how much fun we have had making those memories.”

Gavin, Jade & Shannon enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Dylan Hotel

Gavin explained that he has been somewhat overwhelmed by the interest in his blog but is very pleased at the online connections he has made as a result of his newfound hobby.

He said: “I am completely thrilled that so many people are interested in our journey. This week I did a post with tips for travelling with a toddler and there has been a brilliant response – plus we have had lots of advice from other parents too which is great! It has been fantastic connecting with other parents online and the blog has really helped us to do that.”

The Tallaght dad revealed that he has lots more ‘personal career days’ planned for his little girl and even confirmed that the family have plans to invest in some more matching uniforms – all in the name of ‘making memories’.

Gavin said he fully expects his young daughter to realise sooner rather than later that he is the ultimate ’embarrassing dad’ but right now the family is delighted to have as much fun as possible while exploring career opportunities for the 1-year-old.

Check out Gavin’s latest blog post with travel advice on the Not Just A Princess website here. You can also follow the journey on Facebook.