Tallaght Person of the Year Awards coming soon!

The 32nd Tallaght Person of the Year awards are coming very soon – October 1st to be precise! These unique awards are held to recognise and appreciate community stars in the civil parish of Tallaght, run by the voluntary community council.

The awards have seven categories – Arts and Culture, Business, Community, Environment, Heart of Gold, Youth and Sport. The launch of the awards will be held in Madison’s Bar on Thursday October 1st. Nominations will then open and run for four weeks until November 2nd. Nominations can be made online at www.tallaghtpersonawards.ie


The Tallaght Person of the Year awards are unique in that they are not commercial awards and are run by the community for the community. Anyone from the locality can nominate a deserving person, group or organisation that they feel has contributed positively to life in Tallaght.

Tara de Buitléar, Tallaght Community Council, said,

“The awards are a practical and positive way to recognise a neighbour, friend or family member for doing something positive in our communities – it could be mowing elderly neighbours gardens, running a sports team or a business that is positively contributing to our local economy. There is no limit on how many people you nominate during the four weeks of nominations this year. Nominations open on October 5th and close on November 2nd. Take a few minutes out of your day to value positive people in our community and nominate them.”

Once nominations close, nominations are reviewed and validated. Coveted certificates of recognition are then posted out to nominees. It is then down to a panel of independent judges, from all walks of life, who score each category and decide on the category winners and the overall Tallaght Person of the Year 2015/16.
The winners will be presented with their awards at a special dinner on November 20th in the Red Cow Pavilion, which is a ticket-only event. The awards include a four course meal, special guest Al Porter and live entertainment by Ruffus. Early bird tickets are available for €35 – email [email protected] with any sales enquiries.


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