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Tallaght man Paul Skelton taking on Route 66 for Temple Street


A Tallaght man is taking on one of the most historic road trips of all time this September to raise funds for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Route 66 was the path of travellers in the 1950’s and many of the route’s classic restaurants, gas stations and nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were. The people, the land and the scenery are all just as beautiful as one another and continues to see tourists return year after year.

Since it’s birth, this amazing motorcycle challenge has accumulated 750,000 miracle miles for one of Ireland’s finest hospitals. The trip which takes place once every two years has been running since 2002 and sees bikers travel through nine states and four different time zones from Illinois through Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and finally California.

We at InTallaght caught up with Paul Skelton who is from Kingwood and we asked him how he got involved in this great cause and why it means so much to him;

“I hadn’t been on a bike for 40 years and a brother of mine bought a bike and decided he wanted to do 66, so then I went and bought a bike and eventually did the test and got my licence and I signed up to the route 66 challenge”.

This trip in September will be Paul’s second time taking on the iconic stretch of road and he will be doing it alongside a team of 86, he explained to us just how amazing the few days are on the open roads;

“It was an absolutely brilliant trip. Route 66 is actually really hard to describe, there isn’t a lot on it for a long time, like its just a road that goes from Chicago to LA, we did it in 12 days, two thousand four hundred and something miles. It was just an amazing trip, I had never met any of these guys before I went on the trip and I would say there are over 50% of them going again”.

To date this fundraising challenge has raised over €2.5 million for sick children and the impact of this trip is visible throughout the hospital. The dates of this next trip that departs for the States is September 21st Dublin/Chicago – October 5th LA – Dublin, and they will arrive home October 6th.

If you wish to donate to Paul then please click this link. We wish Paul and the entire team heading for Route 66 the best of luck!