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Tallaght Library celebrates Irish history


We were at Tallaght Library today where Michael Moylan was on hand to speak with the young children in attendance about Irish history in particular 1916 and the events around it.

He also had a number of replica items and costumes from the time too for the children to take a look at and also get a feel for that time in history they were about to learn about.

We caught up with Michael before he began to speak with the children and he told us about his “Museum that comes to you” and also about some of the items on display;

“Today we are going to talk about 1916 with the children, rather than just talking about it I have brought a few bits with me too. We have different periods of guns here from the various rebellions we had here in Ireland.

We talk about the different people involved in the 1916 Rising, The Irish Volunteers, The Irish Citizens Army and the IRB and we have costumes for each of those. Then in the end of it all we look at how the leaders were shot.

So at the end of it all the children all get to dress up and maybe learn something as well.”

Michael has built up an impressive selection of costumes and guns and we asked him how he came across many of these iconic pieces;

“I was a reenactor so I had all that stuff but then people enquired about modern stuff so then I went online and got all this stuff a lot of them are deactivated or replicas and the idea is if you give a child a real gun they get to feel it and they know how heavy it is and how it works and how awful it was and it hopefully gives them a bit of an idea of what guns really are as oppose to what they see in the films.”