Tallaght in the 90’s


To be honest we have no clue as to what this video is really about but it brings back some awesome memories of growing up in Tallaght in the 90’s.

The video uploaded by comedian Saint Thomas features some serious nostalgia which, if you were lucky enough to have grown up in Tallaght in the 90’s, you will definitely remember. It mentions tv shows such Jas and the Wheeled Warriors, Saved by the Bell, the Turtles and the Power Rangers and movies such as Independence Day and Jurassic Park which the latter I remember “stallin it” on the T01 to go see in UCI here at The Square with me mate Spud with our jellys and popcorn from Tom Stanley’s and of course neff jackets and pogs.

If your reading this Saint Thomas we would love to get the full low down of what Tallaght was like in the 90’s so “stall it our gaff” for a game on the snes, a few cans and a buzz. We’ll get out the Donkey Kong cartridge 😉