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Tallaght Hospital launches new campaign to combat malnutrition


Tallaght Hospital has launched a new campaign to reduce malnutrition in patients as one in four admitted are estimated to be malnourished. The Good Nutrition & Hydration campaign will ensure that a multidisciplinary task team visit every ward in the Hospital over the next few days in order to educate patients and staff about malnutrition and to highlight the importance of good nutrition and hydration during recovery. This initiative is part of Tallaght Hospital’s series of Zero Harm Campaigns.

In addition to visiting every ward, stands will be erected in the Hospital atrium and along the main corridor presenting useful information on nutrition and hydration, as well as the current Hospital initiatives that aim to improve nutritional care.  The campaign aims to inform patients about the importance of nutrition and hydration during their recovery and also act as a reminder to staff about their role in recognising malnutrition in their patient’s and working with the Hospital Nutrition & Dietetics department to address the problem.

Daragh Fahey, Director of Quality Safety and Risk Management, said:

“Tallaght Hospital is committed to the principle of people caring for people and this campaign is a very important part of this mission. Malnutrition is far too common among patients who present at the Hospital and we hope that our proactive approach to providing more information in an engaging and accessible way will help to reduce the occurrence of this condition. I wish to congratulate the Nutrition and Dietetics Department and the Hospital Nutrition Steering Committee for all their work in making this campaign a reality.”

Sinead Feehan, Manager of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department and Hospital Nutrition Steering Committee member, continued:

“Over the next three days, we will achieve the ambitious target of visiting every ward in the Hospital and engaging with every patient on this important issue. It is great to see the enthusiasm of my colleagues in not only seeking to make this campaign a reality but also to make it a great success. We want to make a difference in our patients’ lives and to ensure that rates of malnutrition fall.