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Tallaght Hospital issued with notice about poor financial performance


Tallaght Hospital received the performance notice from The Dublin Midlands Hospitals Group on October 24 and the hospitals performance continues to be monitored by its group.

As part of the HSE’s accountability framework, an escalation and intervention process has been developed and implemented to check for underperformance that “places patients or service users at risk, fails to meet the required standards for that service and departs from what is considered normal practice.”

The escalation levels are:

Level 1 (Yellow), whereby a variance from plan is identified (escalated at the level of Community Healthcare Organisation Chief Officer/ Hospital Group CEO);

Level 2 (Amber), whereby the problem persists thereby becoming harder to fix and potentially spreading to other organisations (escalated at the level of National Director).

Level 3 (Red) is effected when the problem becomes critical, such that accountability to determine support, intervention and recommend sanctions to Director General sits with the National Performance Oversight Group (NPOG) — which seeks assurance, on behalf of the HSE Director General (DG), that the National Directors of the Divisions are delivering against priorities and targets set out in the Service Plan and in the Performance Agreements 2016.

Level 4 (Black) is reached if the actions determined by the NPOG do not achieve the necessary impact and actions taken by the DG.

The HSE has indicated to Tallaght Hospital, which has been in “escalation” since June 2016,  that the notice remains in place and the hospital’s performance continues to be monitored.

The University of Limerick Hospital Group (ULHG), has also been in escalation since June 2016.

The HSE issued a performance notice to ULHG, which set out its performance expectations in respect of their end of year financial position and its overall performance, on the November 8.

ULHG managed to deliver on the required actions so their notice was withdrawn on January 16.