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Tallaght Hospital Annual Report 2016 shows high standards being maintained despite challenge of increased demand


Tallaght Hospital has published its Annual Report for 2016, which shows that despite a significant increase in numbers attending the Emergency Department (ED), the Hospital successfully maintained its positive Patient Experience Times (PETs).

While adult ED attendances rose by more than 9% (4,100+) to 49,663 in 2016 compared to 2015, half of patients were discharged within six hours and almost three quarters (72%) were discharged within nine hours.

The Hospital say these rates were in line with 2015 figures and demonstrate that they are maintaining their high standards despite increased demand.

From the report:

“Tallaght Hospital continues to care for an ageing population, as the biggest increase in ED admissions occurring in the 65+ age group, with 5,727 people in this category attending ED in 2016.

Overall in 2016, the Hospital had in excess of 420,000 patient attendances to the Hospital, representing a combination of over 270,000 Outpatient attendances, 83,000 ED attendances, 24,000 inpatient admissions and 46,000 day case admissions.

“The 55-74 age group accounted for the largest amount of activity in outpatients, inpatients and day cases.”

The report also acknowledges the Hospital’s successful recruitment policy and it’s successful interactions with the Tallaght community.

“At a time of growing demand, Tallaght Hospital has also been very successful at recruiting and retaining nursing staff, in contrast to many other hospitals in Ireland.

“Of the 62 new nursing graduates in 2016, 57 chose to take up permanent contracts in the Hospital.

“Following an extensive recruitment and retention campaign over the last two years, the Hospital is in the unique position of having nursing staffing numbers at 1,050 at the end of December, 2016.

“Tallaght Hospital continues to have a diverse and experienced team of staff, employing 3,169 people from 42 different nationalities across the world, who provide patient care, both directly and indirectly.

“The report also highlights Tallaght Hospital’s many varied and successful interactions with the local Tallaght Community, through local fairs, public events and charitable initiatives.”

Commenting on the report, David Slevin, CEO, Tallaght Hospital said,

“Our 2016 Annual Report shows once again that Tallaght Hospital is successfully committed to its role in looking after the healthcare needs of the local community.

“Despite an increase in demand in our Emergency Department, we have maintained our patient experience times at the same level as 2015.

“I want to pay tribute to all our staff that put our ethos of ‘People Caring for People’ into practice every day. We are also aware that the local population is ageing and we are prepared to provide the necessary care for this older demographic.

“The statistics in this year’s report bear that out. There have been many innovations and positive developments in Tallaght Hospital this year.”

 Michael Scanlan, Chairman, Tallaght Hospital said,

“I am delighted to see that Tallaght Hospital is going from strength to strength.

“One particularly positive feature of the Hospital’s work is our involvement in many varied community initiatives, some of which are detailed in the report.

“It is clear that Tallaght Hospital is committed to an active involvement with the local people of Tallaght and to being a community champion.

“The Hospital’s success in attracting and retaining nursing talent is also to be commended. This is an area in which many other hospitals are struggling so it is very positive to see that Tallaght is innovating and leading the way.”

The Tallaght Hospital Annual Report 2016 can be found here