Tallaght court calls for insurance for cyclists


Tallaght District Court Judge Bridget Reilly has called for cyclists to have insurance. The call was in response to a cyclist in Terenure found to be cycling “without reasonable consideration” through a red light without looking, while on a mobile phone. Gardaí stopped the cyclist and took his details. The cyclist had previous convictions and was ordered to make a donation to the LauraLynn Foundation. Judge Reilly said, “cyclists can cause terrible accidents by their actions,” and said that bicycle insurance should be implemented. More recently, Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe has issued fixed charge notices for cyclists who commit certain traffic offences. The charges at €40 per offence, include not having lights on during night hours, cycling in pedestrianised areas, cycling through red traffic lights and red cycle lights and failing to stop at a school warden sign. There were also fines introduced for cycling without reasonable consideration and proceeding beyond a stop line, barrier or half barrier at a railway crossing, swing bridge or lifting bridge when red lamps are flashing.