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Tallaght business to feature in upcoming RTE TV show

Claire Reddin, Maurice Walsh and Nick Reddin.

The programme is called Farmer in Charge and viewers will see Angel Hair and Beauty Salon in Old Bawn get a new boss in the shape of Cork farmer Maurice Walsh. 

According to RTE the idea behind the show is to see “can a farmer, applying generations of knowledge, skill and business acumen, help bring an ailing business back from the brink? When a farmer takes over the business, surely everything is destined to grow?”

In this one-off special, successful Mitchellstown dairy farmer Maurice Walsh will advise Angel Hair and Beauty owners Nick and Claire Reddin how to turn their salon into a more profitable business. What could possibly go wrong?

Suddenly faced with a ‘Farmer Boss’ who is all-over-everything and hyper-practical in approach, this team of local hairdressers are in a for a totally new experience in the workplace.

From production planning to HR, materials management to marketing, distribution and sales, HR to health & safety… farmers do it all.

They manage the books and muck out the stalls, they’re hands-on and hands down the most multi-skilled managers in all of Irish business.

And they inhabit a world where their business is an all-consuming 24 hour operation.

It’s time that these diligent, no-nonsense men and women of the soil are recognised for their unique skills and encouraged to share them.

It’s pitchfork v teasing comb.

And even more crucial… it’s Cork v Dublin.

But can a farmer really a salon or will it all turn to slurry?

Find out on RTÉ One, Monday, June 6th at 6.30pm.