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Tallaght Blogger Talks ‘Being Mammy, Without Mam’

After the unbelievable success of her very first blog post, Being Mammy, Without Mam, Tallaght’s Grace Rattigan is taking the blogger lifestyle in her stride.

As someone who had no background in writing Grace, who blogs as Frilly Flossy, admits that she was extremely surprised by the success of the blog post which was featured on websites across the country and the subject of several radio interviews.

Grace told InTallaght: “What I’ve achieved so far has just exceeded all my expectations. I have already made some lovely new friends and Snapchat specifically has been like therapy for me!”

“I seem to have a fantastic and supportive following across social media – I get messages every day through Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram from people I have never meet and I love the interaction. At the minute this has turned into a very rewarding, enjoyable hobby and sometimes a much-needed distraction.”

In Being Mammy, Without Mam Grace reveals how she struggled with losing her mother, Catherine, to cervical cancer just days after finding out she was pregnant with her first child, Rebecca.

She explained: “I had pictured the moment of telling her that she was going to be a Nanny for many years. Unfortunately, the reality was nothing like I’d imagined. She was all propped up in her bed in St. Luke’s Hospital as the news sank in.”

Five years on from losing her mother, and pregnant with her second child, Grace explained that she still finds it difficult doing things without her mam by her side.

Writing the blog post, however, was a big step that she is glad she took. She said: “I got home one day after dropping Rebecca to Playschool and had another ‘Oh I wish my mam was here for that’ moment and something just hit me – I should write about all those times because I knew that it would help not only me but maybe someone else too.”

“At the start, I found it very hard which is why it took so long, but by the end I felt a huge weight had been lifted and reading it all back made me realise my own feelings even more. I expected it would be emotional for people who knew me and maybe resonate with people who didn’t know me and found themselves in similar circumstances, but never in a million years did I expect the response and feedback I received.”

Grace hopes that one huge positive that will come from the article is a heightened awareness of cervical cancer. She said: “I really don’t know what my mam would think about all the attention the post has had, I’m sure she would be delighted to see some good come out of her death with the cervical cancer awareness. I reckon though she would be mortified to have so many people empathize and honour her!”

The response to the piece has been phenomenal and the blogger, who describes herself as “ever so normal”, has a growing fan-base both in Tallaght and further afield – which has encouraged her to continue to write.

Grace with husband Stephen & daughter Rebecca

She said: “I am definitely going to blog about this pregnancy. Unfortunately, it would seem history is repeating itself and I’m just never going to be one of those glowing pregnant people who just sail through issue-free.  Pregnancy, as wonderful as it is, just doesn’t agree with me on a lot of levels but maybe it’s about time someone spoke about how it’s not all glowing skin and cute bumps – sometimes it’s just plain hard!”

To find out more about Grace sign up to her blog Frilly Flossy. Information about Cervical Check, the free screening programme for women, is available from here and you can read Grace’s full blog post here: Being Mammy, Without Mam.