Tabset management comes to Edge – you can choose to activate it with an extension or manually

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Microsoft is doing a great job with its new browser. For some time now, the American company has removed from its sleeve a browser capable of planting Chrome and Firefox and at the same time a browser that more than replaces the gap in Edge Legacy, solving many of the shortcomings of this.

One of the absences that becomes history in Chromium-based Edge is the one that refers to the few extensions that the original Edge had. Nothing to envy Chrome, the new Edge receives constant extensions like this one that concerns us and if there are not enough, we can always use the compatible Chrome ones. Let’s find out the extension “Group Tabs & Share “.

Tabs under control

With the name of “Group Tabs & Share “, comes a free extension that we can download in Edge from the Microsoft Add-ons Store. A tool that allows us to group tabs to always have them under control, something that it is appreciated when we are working with several tabs at the same time. A feature also available in Chrome.

To be able to use this tool, just visit this link in the Microsoft Add-ons Store, download and install it in Edge. From there, we can group and share tabs with different extensions involved and even send them to other users.


But also, Edge saves an option for anyone who does not want to load the browser with extensions. And it is that through the menu flags that we have already used on other occasions, we can activate this function in Edge, a tool that comes disabled by default.

Just write “edge: // flags” in the navigation bar to access the new menu among whose options we must search Group Tabs & Share. We can save work using the search box and typing “group” or if we prefer, get there earlier by typing edge: // flags / # tab-groups in the navigation bar to go directly.


We check the activation box in “Enabled” and we restart the browser so that the changes are registered.

Groups 2

From that moment, we can right-click or trackpad on a browser tab to access the “tab groups” and start group management of them.

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