Syrian children are holding up Pokemon pictures in a plea to be found


Pictures of Syrian children holding Pokemon signs, with pleas for the outside world to save them, have been circulating the internet.

Each picture showing a child in a different part of Syria, with their location included, was shared by the Revolutionary Forces of Syria media office (RFS).

An RFS spokesman told the Independent: “We want to raise awareness and draw attention to the plight of Syrian children in besieged areas and the suffering of Syrian people who are attacked and killed by the Assad regime and its allies.”

A Syrian child holds a Pokemon sign
(The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office)

Over the past week alone air strikes from the US and Russia have killed hundreds of civilians in Syria. This while the country’s population are also under threat from President Assad’s forces and Isis.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees report that at least 40% of Syria’s population is internally displaced. That’s 7.6 million people. And half are children.

A Syrian child holds a Pokemon sign asking for help
(The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office)

Children are under threat from malnourishment and disease as much as air strikes, and between two and three million Syrian kids no longer have access to education.

A whole generation will grow up not knowing their homeland.

Syrian children holding Pokemon pictures
(The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office)

Actually locating and “saving” these children is out of the question for most, but if you’d like to put some money towards food or shelter, you can do so here, here, and here.