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Swan Family Support Organisation providing 20 years of excellent care to local families


Based in St Anne’s School in Fettercairn, Swan Family Support Organisation have been doing amazing work in the community for two decades providing family support to people dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

As well as providing holistic support to the person suffering with addiction they also provide the same support to the person’s family members using a professional, holistic approach in a confidential, respectful and non-judgmental environment.

InTallaght caught up with Natalie Harman and Sarah Lawlor, who are both therapists with SWAN, this morning at their Information Day in The Square to find out more about the organisation and how they can help families overcome problems associated with addiction.


“What we do is a lot of counselling and holistic therapy for people with addictions and mental health issues, like anxiety, depression or day to day struggles.

“We are a non profit organisation and we are looking to get information about our services out into the community as a lot of people are still unaware of who we are and where we are.

“We don’t charge, it’s done on a donation basis and we have an open door policy so no one is turned away.

“We also give support to the children, partners, parents and grandparents of the person dealing with addiction as well as those who’ve lost loved ones to addiction. It’s like a safe haven as sometimes they need somewhere to go and talk, maybe to get away from problems at home, just to get help really.

“The therapies we provide are acupuncture, which helps with anxiety, cravings and addiction, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and foot and leg massages.”


“I used the service myself when I was going through a hard time so this has given me the opportunity to give back to SWAN and I can relate to a lot of the people who come through the door.

“We want to let people know they can have the best treatment available and we are the only place in Tallaght that provides this treatment and care to families. We deal with the whole body, both mental and physical.

“People who come to us are getting great results. Some clients have come in very, very anxious and the difference and change in them, even in a short period of time, can be seen clearly.

“We work alongside the Drugs and Alcohol Taskforce who help fund the programme and all of our 15 staff are qualified.”

For more information please go to https://swanfso.ie or call 01 4627 999