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Speed van operator cost the State €1.2m per month


Newly released figures show the country’s speed van operator GoSafe was paid €1.2m per month.

The company is contracted to provide 7,000 hours of monitoring each month with a fee of €151 per hour along with a monthly retainer of €45,000.

The vans were brought in to help lower the number of fatalities on our roads. Their contract expired in May.

These latest figures are an increase show an increase in costs as last August it was revealed in the Dail that GoSafe was costing the State around €10 million a year.

Then Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald released the figures in response to a parliamentary question from Independent TD for Tipperary Mattie McGrath.

The figures showed the cost of the system to the State since 2010 was €87 million.

Mr McGrath questioned the cost of running the operation:

“In each year from 2012-2015 it cost the State over €17 million to maintain the contract with a cost of almost €16 million in 2011.

“For the same period of 2010 to date, revenue generated by from the safety camera contract has totalled €32.4 million.

“This means that there is just over €54 million in the difference between the operation of the contract and the revenue that it creates.”

Run by an Isle of Man-based consortium, GoSafe has been providing a speed enforcement since 2010.

In 2015 the consortium was paid €17.27 million, of which €7.5 million was recouped for the exchequer through fines paid by motorists.