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Specsavers Mobile Hearing Van Pulls Into Tallaght


Having recently launched the Sound Check Ireland 2017 campaign with famous hotelier and RTE’s At Your Service star, Francis Brennan, Specsavers Tallaght will host the Specsavers Hearing Van on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June near the west car park at the Square Shopping Centre, Tallaght.

The hearing van will be in situ from 10am each day, with Specsavers’ professional team on hand for consultations and to answer any hearing or optical queries that locals may have.

To raise awareness of the importance of hearing health, national TV personality Francis Brennan recently launched Specsavers Sound Check Ireland 2017, a campaign which encourages Irish adults to take a more proactive approach to their hearing health. Recent research commissioned by Specsavers revealed the majority of Irish adults (69%) have not had their hearing tested in the last five years. Specsavers’ two mobile hearing vans will tackle this issue by travelling the length and breadth of the country to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your hearing.

Audiologist at Specsavers Tallaght, Michael McComish, commented:

“Specsavers recommends that those over the age of 55 should have their hearing tested every two years. Hearing loss can be gradual and many people might not notice that they are struggling with proper hearing and without treatment, hearing loss can lead to depression, frustration and anxiety. Because of the slow progression of hearing loss, identifying the problem early and addressing hearing loss with an expert can mean preserving the ability to communicate with friends and family well into later life. The Specsavers Hearing Van is designed to ensure that anyone who is concerned about their hearing has access to free and professional advice.”

Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older people and while there is a resistance to get hearing tested and acknowledge hearing loss, attitudes towards wearing hearing aids seem to be shifting, with the vast majority of people surveyed (90%) saying that they would wear them if it was recommended. Modern hearing aids are discreet, can improve both hearing loss and overall quality of life, and Specsavers offers good value for money.

Specsavers Tallaght has an extensive range of hearing aids featuring the newest innovations with highly trained hearing healthcare professionals that will help you pick the right device for you. Specsavers Tallaght Hearing Centre is managed by qualified audiologists and highly-trained staff. The store boasts hi-tech facilities and sell quality hearing aids at great prices. All Specsavers digital hearing aids are sold as part of a complete hearing package. From the starting price of €750 this includes:

Two hearing aids for the price of one
Four years’ worth of batteries
Four year guaranteed (representing a two-year extension to the manufacturer’s guarantee)
Telecoil / auto-telephone
Directional microphones

Specsavers’ comprehensive hearing service includes impartial and expert advice, fitting and aftercare and in most qualified audiologists can fit hearing aids on the same day as the hearing test is conducted. Furthermore, Specsavers Tallaght is delighted to offer rechargeable hearing aids as part of their hearing package, ideal for those who do not want the fuss of changing batteries. Signia Cellion primax hearing aids are the world’s first hearing aids with lithium-ion inductive charging. They are simple, smart and powerful meaning you’ll enjoy the benefit of all-day hearing and the simplicity of recharging.

For further information on the hearing offering available at Specsavers Tallaght, pop by the hearing van any time between 10am – 5pm on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June from 10am – 4pm or to make an appointment visit: