South Dublin County Council Elects New Mayor

Independent councillor and former TD Paul Gogarty has been elected as the new Mayor of South Dublin County.

He was elected by his fellow councillors on Friday afternoon after his Lucan Electoral Area colleague Independent councillor Liona O’Toole proposed him and Sinn Fein’s Danny O’Brien seconded the proposal.

Mayor Gogarty revealed that his priorities during his time as first citizen of  the county will be to make South County Dublin “A Healthy County – A Sustainable County – A Listening County”.

He said: I want to highlight the work of the many volunteers in our communities who work tirelessly to improve the lives of our citizens. I want to bring the work of these selfless volunteers to the fore so that others may be inspired by their good works and follow suit.”

“I want to showcase the many services already available in our county to help people develop their minds or improve their fitness. I want to promote the benefits of healthy eating and exercise on physical and mental well-being and look at ways of helping people to develop healthy habits that will help their reach their personal and professional goals.”

Mayor Gogarty also revealed that he wants South Dublin to become the “leading local authority in energy-efficiency and energy self-sufficiency in Ireland”, which he believes will also lead to job creation.

Labour councillor Breeda Bonner from Clondalkin was elected as the Deputy Mayor for the county while the Chairs for the Area Committees were also selected at the annual meeting.

Sinn Fein councillor Mark Ward will head up the Clondalkin Area Committee, while party colleague councillor Louise Dunne chair Tallaght.

Fianna Fail councillor Ed O’Brien was elected chair of the Lucan Area Committee and councillor Enda Fanning of Sinn Fein will chair the Templeogue/Terenure/Rathfarnham Area Committee meetings.

Mayor Gogarty added: “I look forward to engaging with different groups to hear what they are saying and ensure the message is taken on board by the Council. In this I include our older and younger citizens in particular, as well as parents and ethnic minorities.  I want to set up listening fora so that people can come with their ideas as to how to make South Dublin an even better County in which to work and live.”