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Sony Xperia 2 Release Date, Price & Specification Rumours


Many people thought a successor to the Sony Xperia 1 would be unveiled at IFA 2019, but Sony chose to introduce a compact version of its flagship in Berlin, the Xperia 5. 

It is now looking likely that we’ll see our first look at Sony’s 2020 flagship during MWC in February. It could well be worth the wait, rumoured to be the first 5G phone with a 4K screen.

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What will the next Xperia flagship be called?

We’re not quite sure yet. The logical name would be the Sony Xperia 2, but the company previously said it would be sticking to 1 and 10 for its naming customs before introducing the Xperia 5.

Leakers seem to think the next phone it will be known as the Xperia 5 Plus or Xperia 1 Premium, but these could easily confuse consumers. 

When will it be released?

Sony has confirmed it will be holding an event on 24 February, the first day of MWC 2020. We can only assume that this is when we will see the new Xperia flagship unveiled.

This would follow a similar pattern to the Xperia 1, although like that phone we may have to wait a few months to get our hands on the new device. We don’t expect that to be the only phone unveiled at this press conference, with rumours of a mid-range follow-up to the Xperia 5 potentially in the works. The mid-range Xperia 20, a successor to the Xperia 10, is now also expected to be launched in Barcelona.

The Xperia 1 did not go on sale until the end of June, so it makes sense for Sony to push back the release date to comply with an annual update cycle. The Xperia 1 cost £849, and we expect its successor to come in at a similar price when it is launched (which is contrary to My Drivers’ claim that it will cost 6,000CNH or around £670/US$870).

What new features are coming to the Sony Xperia 2?

Rumours regarding what we might see on the Xperia 2 have ramped up in recent weeks, as we close in on the late February launch date.

In January 2020, prolific leaker @OnLeaks revealed renders of the next Xperia phone, which he expected to be called the Sony Xperia 5 Plus. 

However, make no mistake, this will be a successor to the Xperia 1 in all but name. This suggests we’ll be getting a 6.6in OLED panel, complete with front-facing stereo speakers. On the back, a triple rear camera setup will be complemented by 18W fast charging and a 4000mAh battery.

Previously, Pocket Now reported on a User Agent Profile that detailed two smartphones with the model numbers J8210 and J8010, which is notable given that the Xperia 1 is the J8110.

Both handsets reportedly have a 5G modem, while the J8210 is shown to have a Full-HD 1920×1080 display and the J8010 a 4K 3840×1644 panel – the latter matches the Xperia 1’s screen.

The theory that the new Sony Xperia will be a 5G handset with a 4K screen has since been backed up again by My Drivers, though its source is not clear. It also references a quad-lens camera – two 12Mp lenses, either a 48Mp or 64Mp sensor, and a Time of Flight (ToF) camera.

Prior to this we saw some renders from reliable leakster @OnLeaks, working in partnership with CashKaro, which have been used to illustrate this article. They have since been allegedly ‘confirmed’ by some case renders leaked on Twitter:

According to the source, the next Xperia retains the triple-lens camera but moves it to a new position at the top left, and reduces the size of the display from 6.5in to 6.1in. This results in a reduced frame measuring 158×68.3×8.3mm, some 9mm shorter than Xperia 1.

It also references a 3,000mAh battery with wireless charging, a Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM, so it might not be entirely accurate as these are definitely not high-end specs – perhaps more suited to a successor to the Xperia 5.

We’ll update this page as soon as we know more about Sony’s next flagship.