Sony, in 2021 the company will change its name and present three new smartphones?

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Sony, in 2021 the company will change its name and present three new smartphones?

The sales of Xperia smartphones produced by Sony did not go so well: the Japanese company said it only shipped 400,000 smartphones between January and March 2020, a drop of 63.7% compared to the same quarter in 2019. Sony still believes in the Xperia series, so much so that three new models will arrive in 2021.

This information comes from an insider through a comment on Android Police, then shared and confirmed also by Androidnext, but should still be treated with some skepticism: the latest results obtained on the market are not convincing, and Sony could decide to change your approach to compete with the big Apple, Google, Huawei and Samsung by offering valid alternatives. The trend of launching three flagship smartphones (one “normal”, one compact and one larger) had been abandoned by the Japanese company, but could be relaunched precisely to give more choices to consumers.

Accompanying this rumor is news that comes directly from Sony China via Weibo: the annual shareholders’ meeting of Sony was proposal to change company name to “Sony Group” approved. This change of name will become effective in April 2021 and is the first change in 60 years of activity. According to CEO Yoshida Kenichiro, renaming the company to Sony Group is necessary for “Take full advantage of the diversity of our business portfolio and promote business development and evolution”.

In fact, Sony has shown us that it knows how to seize the moment and propose innovative devices on the market, as demonstrated by the Reon Pocket wearable air conditioner.