Son of Independent candidate Perry expelled from Fine Gael

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Fine Gael has defended a decision to expel a leading member of its youth organisation after the party claimed he publicly supported his father who is now an independent candidate.

Jude Perry, son of former Fine Gael Minister of State John Perry, said he was expelled from the party via a text message and without a hearing.

Mr Perry who is currently studying in Washington DC in the US said his only participation was posting “a few things” on his father’s Facebook page.

Fine Gael’s Director of Organisation, Paschal Donohoe, indicated today that he hoped Jude Perry could return to the party in the future.However, he said the rules of the party are crystal clear and no member is allowed to work on behalf of a non-Fine Gael candidate in an election.

Jude Perry said he was been out of the country since 9 January and has not “canvassed a soul.”

His father, who is running as an independent candidate in the Sligo-Leitrim constituency urged Fine Gael not to “come after” his family.

“Come after me all you want, but please, don’t come after my family. Particularly Jude, who have given tireless hours to Fine Gael,” he said.

Jude Perry was one of the key figures who helped establish Fine Gael’s first branch in Northern Ireland last year.

He also spoke at the party’s National Conference in 2019.

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