Should baked beans touch the rest of your breakfast? A photo of a fry up has sparked a huge debate

A hot debate over whether baked bean juice should be allowed to come into contact with other food items has been raging on Twitter since this photo was shared.

Ronan Moyles photo of breakfast uploaded to Twitter
(Ronan Moyles)

Ronan Moyles thought he was sharing a picture of his brekkie with a few followers but it has turned into a conversation with its own hashtag (#beangate) and has even got Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams talking.

It all kicked off when 30-year-old Ronan from Ennis, tweeted a picture of his fry up from Cork at the weekend. He shared the innocent photo of the egg, haggis and black pudding surrounded by beans and the sausages just touching the baked beans’ sauce.

And then this happened:

And then #beangate happened:

We never realised people were so passionate about the issue – and neither did Ronan.

He said: “I never realised there was such an aversion to beans in this country. I have no problem with my food swimming in a lake of them. Very much in the pro-beans camp personally and it was an excellent breakfast.”