Should Altuve be Venezuela's second baseman in the 2021 World Classic? 🤔🤔

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Venezuelan Jose Altuve who is the waiter for the Houston Astros is one of the most fearsome hitters in the majors, but a question may arise: Should he be Venezuela's second baseman in the 2021 World Baseball Classic?

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In principle, Venezuela's second base position is Astroboy's, but one subject needs to be brought up for discussion: The position of Gleyber Torres and Elvis Andrus.

The Yankees Creole played in 2019 with the New York Yankees most of his games at second base.

Now with Didi Gregorius's departure to the Philadelphia Phillies the mules wanted to test Torres at shortstop at 2020 Spring Training but in 10 games he had made 5 defensive mistakes.

Starting to get a little worried at the 5th error for Gleyber Torres this Spring Training
– ⭑⭑ (@FrankiesTooLoud) March 10, 2020

If Gleyber ultimately couldn't provide defensive stability in that shortstop position and not put him at second base:
Shall we say no to the 38 home runs he hit in 2019? o The home run he gave at the beginning of Spring Training?

Gleyber Day> Leap Day
– MLB (@MLB) February 29, 2020

Ideal would be to place him then at second base, but what do we do with Altuve?

Nor can we forget Elvis Andrus, who has been one of the best shortstop in the Major Leagues, and the stability in the infield that he generates is not something that has to be passed under the table.
In addition, he has been one of the leaders of the Texas Rangers and has been one of the best hitters on his team in recent years.

Elvis Andrus is a player who is not much talked about here in his own country, despite the fact that in the last 11 campaigns he has defended the shortstop of the same team at a high level, averaging in those years 150 commitments played, giving about 150 hits , with 25 or more robberies.
– Arturo Raúl (@ Arturoraulds82) March 20, 2020

Should Altuve be Venezuela's second baseman?
Altuve has proven to be a hitter in the small hour and Venezuela has to have that contact and more playing the field because such a hitter feels comfortable playing at second base, so I consider the position to be for Astroboy.
Many will be able to talk about the Astros cheating issue that has spilled over the Creole but his quality as a hitter both here in Venezuela with the Navegantes del Magallanes and in the majors with the Texans is not in dispute.

Only 13 hitters in MLB history have connected 200 hits for 4+ seasons in a row and José Altuve is the first Latino
– ESPN_Beisbol (@ESPN_Beisbol) September 27, 2017

Gleyber Torres is a great player and can play the position as well but because of his versatility he can be used both at shortstop and at third base, it will be up to the manager to decide what to do with those players.
Let's remember a very important detail, the World Classic is an event where you have to win fast and in 2017 it was Rougned Odor who ended up leading the baton with Miguel Cabrera of the Venezuelan offensive, so Altuve ended up playing at third base with Odor being the owner of the second pad.

    Video: Miguel Cabrera's tremendous bombing in the 2017 World Classic🔥🔥

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