Home Movie Second Ghostbusters trailer gets better reception from fans

Second Ghostbusters trailer gets better reception from fans


The new Ghostbusters trailer has premiered – giving us our first glimpse of Slimer.

The two-minute clip of the all-female follow up features plenty more ghosts attacking New York City, a fair few comedy moments and a lot of slime.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, who is probably one of the best known spooky beings from the classic 1984 film, makes an appearance.

The trailer reveals that someone is making a machine that is amplifying paranormal activity in the Big Apple.

We also get a longer look at the scene where a ghoul vomits slime all over Kristen Wiig’s character.

The new version of the movie stars Bridemaids actresses Melissa McCarthy and Kristen and Saturday Night Live comedians Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, replacing the original quartet of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

The new trailer comes around two months after fans got the first sneak peek at the eagerly anticipated movie.

That first trailer failed to excite Ghostbusters fans, and it ended up being the most disliked in YouTube history.

However, trailer two seems to have got things back on track.

Of course, you can’t please everyone…

Ghostbusters will be released in UK cinemas on July 15.