Council share their vision for South Dublin’s future


South Dublin County Council officially adopted the South Dublin County Council Development Plan 2016–2 on Monday May 16th. The Plan will guide the future growth of South Dublin County to 2022 and beyond and will come into effect from Sunday June 12th, 2016. The preparation process for the new Development Plan has been ongoing since September 2014.

The South Dublin County Council Development Plan 2016-22 presents a multi-faceted vision for the future development of South Dublin County. The broad range of policies and objectives in the Development Plan, reflect the County’s strong position to increase its share of growth in the Dublin Region, to encourage the development of sustainable communities and to ensure a high quality environment. At the heart of the new County Development Plan are issues such as: Quality of Life, Prosperity, Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Social Inclusion and Climate Change. 

Mayor Sarah Holland

With regard to the adoption of the new County Development Plan, Mayor Sarah Holland has stated,

‘The County Development Plan represents the next chapter for the strategic development of South Dublin County, focusing on the creation of viable, sustainable communities, facilitating increased economic development and business competitiveness and attempts to address the future needs of all citizens in our County.

“In excess of 700 submissions were received from the general public and other stakeholders, over the course of the Development Plan preparation process. I wish to express my thanks to everyone who made submissions and engaged with the plan-making process. I look forward to implementing the Plan in partnership with my colleagues on the Council and with the Chief Executive and Council staff’.”

daniel mcloughlin

Speaking about the adoption of the new County Development Plan, Daniel McLoughlin, Chief Executive of South Dublin County Council commented:

“I am delighted with the adoption of the new County Development Plan by the elected members of the Council.  The implementation of the Development Plan is fundamental to achieving the Council’s corporate mission, which is to make South Dublin County the best possible place in which to live, work and do business. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment and thank the Elected Members and the staff of the Land Use Planning & Transportation Department, who have worked in close partnership over the past two years on the preparation of the new Plan.”