Saoirse Ronan speaks to Ellen about the importance of her name in Ireland


Saoirse Ronan is literally everywhere you look at the minute. Winning awards and receiving nominations for her role in Brooklyn.

This week she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show where she spoke about Dennis Quaid and his nightmare to pronounce the Irish actresses name during the Golden Globes nominations.

Ellen asked Saoirse about her name and its meaning, and this is what she had to say;

“Saoirse means freedom, so its an important meaning anywhere but especially in Ireland it holds a real importance for us”.

Ellen also helped the American’s tackle the pronunciation of Saoirse’s name by presenting the 21 year old with a massive sign to wear on the red carpet, saying ‘Hello, my name is Sur-sha’.

Ellen’s sign for Saoirse while on the red carpet

Saoirse also gave a great plug to Dublin nail bar Tropical Popical, which is where she found out about the Golden Globe nomination while getting her nails done.