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Saoirse Ronan popularity in the US continues to grow as she features as Variety’s new cover star


Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has been in the press a lot lately. It was only a few weeks ago she received criticism this side of the water for her stint on Saturday Night Live where she participated in an unfunny Aer Lingus sketch.

That said she really is a force to be reckoned with in the US as her popularity continues to grow. She is also gaining huge acclaim and awards (including a recent Golden Globe nod) for her latest film Lady Bird, which hits Irish cinemas on February 23rd.

The movie sees her play a student in her final year at school in Sacramento.

Over the past year, she has featured on the covers of major magazines like Time and Vanity Fair and she can now add the major entertainment trade mag Variety to her portfolio:

Saoirse shares the cover with Greta Gerwig, who directed her in Lady Bird and wrote the screenplay. In the interview with Variety, Gerwig was full of praise for her young star, telling Variety;

“There’s something about Saoirse on-screen,” she says. “You feel like you could look straight through her, like you can see her insides and her brain working. I want an actress to feel like she’s in full possession of the character — not like you’re lending it to them, but that they own it.”

Saoirse, meanwhile, talked about the eponymous character she plays. “What I knew would be so exciting about playing her,” she says, “and what was also really scary about playing her, is that she’s sort of trying on all these different roles, to see which one fits best. One minute she’s the showman onstage, and the next she’s the adoring girlfriend, and the next she’s the girl who’s going to pipe up in school.

“I think there’s something very admirable in someone who just goes, ‘Fuck it! I’m gonna do it anyway.’ And I love the complexity of her. You don’t get to see teenage girls like that on-screen. They’re always longing after a boy.”