Samsung, the next smartphones may arrive without a charger

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Samsung, the next smartphones may arrive without a charger

At the end of June, a research note from Barclays revealed the possible lack of a smartphone wall charger in the packaging of the next iPhone 12. The next giant of technology that could follow the same path is a direct competitor of Apple, or Samsung.

According to an ETNews report, even the smartphones of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series could reach the market without the charger. A choice that has aroused quite a lot of clamor both in their case and in that of the Apple, both for all the advantages of the case, or lower costs for the sale and less problems with the incorrect disposal of the product, and for the disadvantages, that is the need to buy it separately in case of absence.

Apple will even go a step further, i.e. take the EarPods out of the box to increase sales of the true wireless AirPods earphones. However, to balance it all, there is talk of iPhone 12 on sale at only 490 Euros for the cheaper model. Samsung will probably do the same, by lowering the prices of the various smartphones launched on the market to then provide customers with all the accessories necessary to facilitate the user experience.

In the long term, this could prove to be an excellent strategy for the company and a perfect measure to do good for the environment.

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