Samsung Pay: how to modify the bottom bar so as not to confuse gestures

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Samsung Pay: how to modify the bottom bar so as not to confuse gestures

Samsung Pay is one of the best solutions when paying with your mobile, as long as you have a brand device. However, the default form of activation can be a bit annoying. This is because the gesture to invoke Samsung Pay is the same as going back to home and invoke multitasking: swipe up from the bottom of the phone.

Let’s teach you how can you configure this to stop being annoying since by default it is activated without asking if we want it like this or not in the initial configuration. The process is fast and takes no more than a few seconds, luckily.

Goodbye to the annoying gesture on the desk

You are not alone or alone if you have ever mistakenly invoked Samsung Pay from your desktop. The gesture is the same one we use to invoke multitasking and return to start, something that makes it very easy to get confused. To put a solution to this you just have to follow the steps that we tell you below. In our case, we have used a terminal with One UI 2.1 and Android 10. If your Samsung is somewhat older and the gesture system is not native to Android 10, you may not have this problem.

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  • Open Samsung Pay
  • Click on the menu button (the three lines in the upper left corner)
  • Click on the cogwheel to access Samsung Pay settings
  • Click on ‘Quick Access’
  • Configure as you want

Specifically, we have three possibilities to configure Samsung Pay: to be invoked from the lock screen, from home or with the screen off. Default everything is activated, being especially annoying the ‘start’ option, which makes us confused when we are in the launcher.

Our recommendation is to remove ‘start’ and leave the other two options checked. From the lock screen, it is very how to invoke Samsung Pay, and there is no room for confusion if we unlock the phone with any biometric solution such as facial recognition or fingerprint sensor.

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