Samsung patents new glasses with augmented reality for navigation

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Samsung patents new glasses with augmented reality for navigation

A new patent has been filed by Samsung and would reveal the development of a new technology linked to glasses equipped with augmented reality. In the past, the South Korean tech giant had made serious efforts to develop AR and VR technologies related to virtual reality.

The new patent would in fact present presentation d a new improved navigation system and even simpler.

According to the description of the patent, the new one’s glasses may be able to guide you step-by-step during road navigation. The innovative system should be able to provide people with directions directly through their glasses, with descriptions similar to those observable on a fighter plane equipped with a radar display or as those visible on the windshields of the latest generation cars.

It is clear that glasses with AR could offer an even more engaging experience, too able to reduce the distractions of the driver. The futuristic device could, therefore, provide real-time information on the surrounding traffic and on the best route to follow to achieve a certain goal, as well as helping the driver in finding the main points of interest close to the area you are crossing, all in real-time .

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The glasses should thus provide useful advice on access routes, refuelling stations but also advise of the presence of bars and restaurants. In order for the new glasses to manage and guarantee all this amount of information, it will be necessary to integrate them with other systems such as maps, GPS and other sensors, including some cameras that allow the device to understand concretely where it is located in that precise moment.

It would be a new step forward in the tech sector and Samsung is not the only company to want to offer this solution, considering that Apple would also be working on its futuristic glasses.

Samsung is always very attentive to the development of new technologies to be launched on the market such as that related to wireless televisions, evidenced by the presentation of a patent that took place in recent months.

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