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Rugby World Cup bid a win for all of Ireland


Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe has described the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) bid to host the World Cup for 2023 as a real potential win for the whole of Ireland and its people and wished them every success as they submit their final bid.

Ireland formally submitted their bid yesterday to World Rugby’s HQ on Pembroke Street with bid Ambassador O’Driscoll handing in the 990-page document which sets out the country’s plans to run what  IRFU chief executive Philip Browne believes would be “a tournament like no other”.

Speaking today about the bid, Deputy Crowe said the application is a source of immense pride for the Irish sporting community.

“Ireland has submitted a compelling bid for Ireland to host the World Cup. However we face some stiff opposition in our bid to host the Rugby World Cup as France and South Africa are also trying to compete for the honour of hosting this prestigious tournament.

“We have never hosted a tournament of this magnitude but it’s not beyond our capabilities.

“We will thankfully have the suitable stadia ready and we will be more than ready for the tournament in 2023.”

Deputy Crowe believes the spread and location of the stadia will ensure this will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the whole of Ireland in a really positive manner.

“It will showcase to the world our sports mad nation, allowing us once again to demonstrate in a unique fun packed way the sport of rugby.

“I have no doubt that visitors will experience our good natured sense of fair play, the warmth of our welcome, and enjoy the party atmosphere that will no doubt erupt right across Ireland.

“As someone who lived through the sheer joy that surrounded the Jack Charlton years, I hope that hosting this Rugby World Cup would replicate these sporting glory days.

“I remember well how we were all on the crest of wave and it transformed us and brought us unprecedented energy, excitement, and created a feeling of good will and fellowship right across Ireland and our diaspora.

“This application that has been drawn together is a source of immense pride for the Irish sporting community and will be a winner for the whole island. It is estimated that the tournament could be worth close to €1 billion to the Irish economy and Irish tourism.”