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RUARED presents Deadeye exhibition


RUARED invited InTallaght to a preview of their latest new exhibition last night, called Deadeye. Curated by Paul McAree and collaborated by artists Martin Healy, Lorraine Neeson and Niamh O’Malley, the exhibition runs from today, September 18th to October 24th.

Deadeye aims to act as a metaphor for television and the moving image on screen. The exhibition plays with the Romanticism of the dark image, the mechanics of how we look and see things around us and how we visualise our connection with the greater whole.


Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Development Manager at RUA RED was on hand to show us around and is very pleased with the exhibition in residence. She said, “We’re delighted to have this exhibition on and hope the people of Tallaght will take the time to come and see it.”

As part of Culture Night this evening September 18th, Deadeye will be running alongside Dance Like No one is Watching from 5-7pm in RUA RED. Facilitated by Cathy Coughlan, RUA RED’s Dancer-in-residence, participants will be invited to enter a small film booth to dance like no one is watching.

The space will be lit with a spotlight and a selection of music will be available. Each person will be filmed for no longer than 10 seconds, creating a continuous moving portrait. The resulting film will be presented online within 24 hours of the event and projected in a public space in the days following Culture Night. This event is open to all ages and levels of ability.