RTE Late Late Viewers Including Mary Lou McDonald From Dublin Praise Michelle O’Neill As She Beats Ryan Tubridy’s BBQ

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RTE’s Late Late Show had the audience speaking tonight when Northern Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill made an appearance on the couch.

Ryan Tubridy took no punches and questioned her early on in an interview that angered some and brought much praise for the Vice President of Sinn Fein.

His biggest supporters included Sinn Fein and Dublin TD leader Mary Lou McDonald, who said “times are changing.”

And some contrasted the difference in Michelle O’Neill’s interview with that of her co-leader and Northern Ireland political opponent, Arlene Foster.

This is how they reacted:

“Great conversation between Michelle and Ryan #LateLate Times are changing”

“Fantastic interview by @moneillsf even though Ryan Tubridy pushed for something negative, he was wasting his time. A united Ireland for all: this is how true leaders lead …”

“Ah Michelle, you raised Tubridy, you were an unflappable fair game with you.”

“Very disappointing interview with @moneillsf on @RTELateLateShow. Mr. Tubridy took a very different tone than he did with Arlene Foster. I thought Michelle performed relatively well, but the structure of the interview was impersonal and controversial from the start #LateLate “

“I discovered some interesting facts about Michelle O’Neill, but Tubridy is such a poor interviewer that she doesn’t flow #latelate at all”

“@moneillsf was fantastic, changed my mind about her. Living in Belfast, I listen to her on the radio most days. Tubridy did her best to unsettle her, but she was brilliant throughout. When she wasn’t sure she admitted it I think the trade unionists could trust her. “

“I’m not a Sinn Fein fan, but Michelle O’Neill seems like a nice person. Tubridy was rude and unprofessional.”

“That was quite disappointing. Tubridy is looking for a headline rather than concentrating on conducting a decent interview. #TheLateLateShow #latelate #latelateshow”

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Via | Dublin live