RTE First Dates Ireland viewers say the same about Dylan and Conor

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It’s Thursday, which means Ireland’s best dating show First Dates is on RTE tonight and everyone is saying the same thing about tonight’s episode.

As soon as the show aired, Dylan and Conor’s fight quickly caught everyone’s attention.

Not only do they seem to get along like a house on fire, but the couple have the same taste in food and have been mistaken for twins by many.

Their natural banter has taken over everyone’s charm as well as their love of simple food like goujons, but really everyone is in awe of how much they look and act like everyone else and we had to get the best reactions from all over Twitter. Irish.

Here’s how people reacted to Dylan and Conor:

“Twins here. #FirstDatesIRL”

“Are Dylan and Conor in a 2021 reboot of Parent Trap? They are each other’s picture #FirstDatesIrl”

“2 guys look a lot like each other #firstdatesireland #Firstdatesirl”

“Jesus, although to be fair they would be a beautiful couple #FirstDatesIRL”

“Jesus these 2 guys on first dates look like identical twins #firstdatesirl”

“Is this #FirstDatesIRL or Long Lost Families?”

“Jeepers, those #FirstDatesIRL guys look like twins.”

“Why do twin brothers date #FirstDatesIRL?”

“Aw these guys seem so lovely, I hope it works out for them. #FirstDatesIRL”

“I think these two guys would have preferred Nando’s cheeky smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat, face with tears of joy #FirstDatesIRL”

“The two guys must think they’re looking in the mirror. They turn each other off! #FirstDatesIRL”

“There’s really only one guy and one mirror on that date! #Firstdatesireland #Firstdatesirl”

“We know their names, but which ones are Conor and which ones Dylan? #FirstDatesIRL”

Via | Dublin live