Rip off Ireland is second most expensive country in Europe


This is according to Eurostat who’s latest findings show we are paying more for consumer goods and services than nearly all our fellow EU citizens.

It will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that’s even set foot in the country that Ireland was above the EU average for all the price categories surveyed, apart from consumer electronics, with prices here estimated to be 125 per cent of the EU average.

We also pay the most in the EU for alcohol and tobacco, with average prices here put at 175 per cent of the EU average.

Ireland is the third-highest-priced country for “personal transport equipment”, which includes cars, motorbikes and bicycles, with prices 111 per cent of the EU average.

The survey, which is based on data relating to 2016, found Ireland was the fourth-highest for restaurants and hotels and the fifth-highest for food and nonalcoholic drinks, both of which were 120 per cent of the EU average.

Denmark was the most expensive of all, at 139 per cent of the EU average, while Bulgaria (48 per cent) and Romania (52 per cent) were the cheapest.

This news comes after earlier this week a leading international tourism expert stated he would never recommend “rip-off” Dublin to anyone looking for a short break.