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Ride Along 2 – Film Review


Ride Along 2 was never going to rake in Oscar nominations but that’s not to say it was all that bad.

With two leads like Ice Cube and Kevin Hart you are guaranteed at least a few laughs. The comedy duo take on the characters of Ben Barber who aspires to become a detective like his future brother in law James Payton.

I must say before I get into the plot of the film that this is a sequel but if you haven’t seen the first instalment then you haven’t missed much nor will you be lost at any stage throughout this film.

Ben lives on the thrill of James lifestyle which involves chasing hard criminals. One day James takes Ben to Miami to follow up on a lead that’s connected to a drug ring.

Although James was reluctant to bring Ben along could he now be the key to solving the case and prove that all is sometimes not what it seems?

This film is they type that you will leave on in the background of the sitting rom while doing other things it doesn’t take great concentration to understand where the film is going.

That said I rather enjoyed it, from the high speed chases to the witty one liners!

(**) Two stars.