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Review: Trumbo


Trumbo is a fascinating portrayal of old Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) who was blacklisted from writing because of his political beliefs in 1947. With a supporting cast full of stars including Helen Mirren, Louis CK, Diane Lane, John Goodman and Elle Fanning, Trumbo is an intimate look at the life and motivations of Dalton and his cohorts.


Along with some of his fellow writers, Dalton went to prison for holding communist beliefs in a time that the US was at odds with Russia. Once released from prison, all are out of work and banned from writing movies and so Dalton sets up a writers’ ring to get them all work under alias names. Soon the gossip is spreading around Hollywood that Dalton is back at work in direction violation of the blacklist and working with Kirk Douglas on a job writing Spartacus, causing even more trouble.

Trumbo’s cast give good sturdy performances in a movie that is really interesting, but mostly because of the cast of famous characters from the glory days of Hollywood involved in the situation. However much fun Trumbo is, it will never be as great as some of Trumbo’s own works like Roman Holiday, Exodus and The Brave One. Cranston is excellent of course in the title role and has been tipped to win A Screen Actors Guild award. An enthralling story that while true, has all the elements of a Hollywood movie.

3/5 stars

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Released: February 5th