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Review: Traders, strangely funny for a film about murder


Traders is the latest Irish thriller starring Killian Scott (Love/Hate) and John Bradley (Game of Thrones) as work colleagues Harry Fox and Vernon Stynes. In a financially unstable economy, their company goes under and both are left unemployed with debts mounting up.

In a bid to make some money, Vernon decides to invent a high stakes game, or trade system where people can fight to the death for cash. Each person accepts the ‘trade’ on a website, meets and shows each other the cash and then travels by multiple buses to a remote place to fight to the death. Only one person leaves, with both bags of money! Sounds mad, but it works!


For all its murderous scenes, Traders is actually injected with quite a bit of humour. Some scenes are graphic so be warned if you have a weak stomach, or do like I did and look away for those bits and enjoy the rest!

Killian Scott is a seasoned pro at violent roles since his stint on Love/Hate, however the same cannot be said for John Bradley. It’s hard to envision him as anything but Jon Snow’s buddy while Scott holds the screen just fine without Nidge or Fran. Expect a brilliant cameo from comedian Dave McSavage also! The best thing about Traders is that it doesn’t try to be an Irish thriller, and it could be set in any city, yet it still has the gloss of a well-made movie, far from a budget film or a ‘twee’ mockery of Dublin city.

3 stars

Released March 11th.